Let Me Be Your Special Princess!

As a Las Vegas local, I have a unique point of view when it comes to this city. The city has made me a bit of a wild child but trust me, I still know how to entertain. The best things come in the smallest packages and I am living proof. Whether you are looking for Vegas erotic massage or something a bit more chill, Shea is the girl for you.

Vegas erotic massage may be one of my specialties but there is more to me than just that. My personality is one of my finest attributes. I am bubbly and fun to be with. Men often say that they wish I was their girlfriend. I offer the sort of girlfriend experience that they cannot experience anywhere else. I'm the companion of your dreams.

Let's Head To The Casino
Many men have referred to me as their little good luck charm. When we head to the casino, you will want me by your side. I'm not here to look pretty. I'm here to help you win. I know a lot about gambling and I am more than just a pretty face. I'll let you know more about the odds of each game that you are looking to play. Probabilities are just one of my many areas of expertise. I provide more than a good Las Vegas erotic massage. I bring something most people don't expect from a massage. I promise you will be happy when I'm done with you!

I offer you the chance to enjoy victory on a whole new level. I let you know about the casinos that offer the best chance to win and when you are with me, you will be hard pressed to look anywhere else. I'll wear a tight dress that hugs my curves just right. One of the advantages of being short is that my companions are able to look down my shirt any time they like.

Wanna Get Out Of Your Usual Rut?
A lot of my companions head to Las Vegas on business on a regular basis. Unfortunately, they find themselves in a rut upon arrival. Don't you wish that you had access to a fun and vibrant local girl who could give you a push in the right direction? Of course you do. Let Shea be your tour guide during your next trip to the city of sin. I have the know-how that will turn a mediocre trip into a fantastic adventure.

You won't be able to forget me once we have spent time together. I'll introduce you to the locations that most girls don't know about and show you how I can stand apart. Don't make the mistake of getting into the same old same. I might not be able to count cards at the casinos but I can make you feel like the luckiest man alive.

Your satisfaction is totally guaranteed when you are with me or you will receive a full refund. That is my promise to you. I love men and women equally, by the way. Bear that in mind before you start to make plans for our time together...