I'm a Las Vegas local girl.

There ain't too many of us. I grew up in this crazy city and I think it got to me. I am a wild girl! I capture the essence of Las Vegas in one little petite package. I am a blond bombshell that loves to entertain. I have a very bubbly personality which is my main attraction. Most guys say that they just can't get enough of me and that they can't stop thinking of me.

I'm A Good Luck Charmer

If you are here on a gambling weekend, be assured that I am a great companion down on the casino floor. I even know which casino's give the best odds on each game. You'd be surprised at how you can increase your winnings just by going to the right casino. If you want to hang out all day at the blackjack tables, I'm totally down with that. I can't help you count cards, but when you are with me, you'll be lucky anyway.

Does your real life need a change of scenery? “Location, location, location” might be the motto of real estate agents, but for many men it’s also a main feature of their fantasies. Do you need to get out of a rut? Las Vegas is the perfect place to let your fantasies run wild. If you can think it, we can achieve it together. Get a fresh perspective on life and love.

I'm the rarest of breeds: a Las Vegas local who truly knows how to enjoy everything that this city has to offer. I'm not a transplant, which means that I know how to appreciate Vegas in ways that you have never been able to imagine. As an experienced Las Vegas Stripper, I can definitely show you the better parts of our super fun town! 

Let Shea be the special girl that makes your next Las Vegas trip an even better one. I think that this crazy city has forever changed me. I wouldn't give this place up for the world, though. I'm the casino floor companion that you have never had. Let me be your good luck charm, stud.